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Dorot farm produces fresh and sweet carrots in a variety of sizes: medium, large and extra large. All of our products are quality controlled & compliant with Global G.A.P., and the products trumot and maasrot has been taken. See certificate

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Name Photo lbs Kg
Fresh Cello Carrots 1 lbs cello carrots 1 0.45
Fresh Cello Carrots 2 lbs cello carrots 2 0.90
Fresh Cello Carrots 3 lbs cello carrots 3 1.36
Fresh Cello Carrots 5 lbs cello carrots 5 2.26
Fresh Cello Carrots 1 kg cello carrots 2.2 1
Fresh Cello Carrots 10 kg cello carrots 22.04 10
Fresh Jumbo Carrots 25 lbs cello carrots 25 11.33
Fresh Jumbo Carrots 40 lbs cello carrots 40 18.14
Fresh Jumbo Carrots 50 lbs cello carrots 50 22.67
Big bag Carrots Big bag cello carrots
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