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The Delicious, fresh and so — Israeli carrot — now available throughout the world!

  • Dorot farm is #1 Israeli exporter of carrots
  • Standing behind Dorot farm are 70 years of professionalism and 15 years of exporting across the world
  • Dorot farm currently exports to Europe as well as United States, Russia and Persian Gulf Emirates
  • Dorot farm grows, sorts' packs and ships carrots in a variety of packaging in accordance with customer requirements, The goods arrive to market exactly on time, to any destination in the world. Worlwide shipping via Mearsk, Zim, MSC and a variety of other shippers.
  • We believe that the correct combination of quality products, innovation, professional marketing rep around the world, and sophisticated production systems are the key to our continued growth in Isreal and the world — all this so that we can send you the same delicious, fresh and splendid Dorot farm carrots that we all enjoy here
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